Neurofeedback allows us to restore and optimize our brainwave state.  IASIS gets us there faster than traditional neurofeedback. Sessions with IASIS help in so many ways because the brain acts as the command and control center of the body.  When refreshed or "re-booted", the brain responds and improves functioning that is measurable.  The goal is to get you to NOT need our services or NOT need them as much.  This approach may seem unfamiliar to some; please don't hesitate to call for a telephone consultation to discuss your questions and concerns.

Neurofeedback by Linda Edwards in Rumson, NJ



Neurofeedback by Linda Edwards in Rumson, NJ


Now more than ever...

We are now open and accepting a limited number of new clients.  Sessions with IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback can help to achieve the CALM that is needed in these challenging times.

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Brain training with IASIS helps to achieve calm, focus, sleep, recovery from concussion, chronic stress relief, ADD/ADHD, impulsiveness, irritability, headaches, and more. Think of us as a personal trainer for the brain.

We use the UCSD study protocol for concussion recovery

UC San Diego Concussion Study Results:




Symptom improvement after just 12 sessions of IASIS: headaches, sleep, anxiety, sensitivity to light and sound, memory, focus, concentration, feelings of frustration, stuttering. Published in Brain Injury Journal. " suggests new potential for effectively speeding the healing process in mild traumatic brain injury. Mingxiong Huang, PhD., Principle Investigator.




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