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"I believe in this technology as an effective tool to reduce symptoms such as PTSD, mTBI, migraine & headache, diminishing impulsivity & anxiety, & potentially helping with numerous other conditions such as addiction to smoking, improving memory & sleep."  Mingxiong Huang, PhD.  Professor/Research Scientist at UCSD
Watch this endorsement of the IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback device from world renown physician Dr. Frank Shallenberger
Susan Rohr, RN/ICP addressing a medical conference. Learn about her son who suffered 5 concussions
(Spoiler:  It has a happy ending!) 
For Clinicians/Academics:  Mingxiong Huang, PhD discussion of a Pilot Treatment Study of mild TBI

After many years in the healthcare industry and having the privilege of being a practitioner, there are some days when I just cannot believe what my hands, these wires and this device, and my client's willingness to participate can do to help so many.



"Wow, that session really saved my wagon."  Feedback from a CEO after using IASIS to prep for a large public address- energized and focused during his speech.
Highly pressured, hectic travel schedule CEO when asked, How did you sleep last night? responds with one word "Incredible!"  (CEO)
"I noticed very sustained concentration yesterday evening, restful sleep, and my vocabulary is beginning to return." (concussion client)
"Most notable feeling today is calm, pretty relaxed. Pretty easy to focus" (Peak performance athlete)
 "I didn't notice anything immediately, but I went home and worked on things and was extremely productive the rest of the day. I noticed things seemed a little clearer and my focus was much improved. " (student with ADD)
 "It seems like my stamina, concentration, and cognition are improving." (concussion client)
"It's usually par for the course to start getting stressed out.  It's almost as if I don't have the capacity to feel stressed right now" (Workplace wellness client)
"Most noticeable from this session was a calmness in certain situations that would normally get me a bit worked up. Where I would normally feel agitation rising, this time I felt cool, collected... like there was no need to get heated. I would like to try that one again!' (Olympic coach)
"I was able to fall asleep very easily last night and stayed asleep. Physically I felt pretty good today and my nerves have been pretty calm." (Performance anxiety athlete client)
" I felt calm immediately after and during the session, and felt in a great mood during the weekend!" (Anxiety client)
"These three  [business] ideas that I had seemed disconnected but suddenly came together.  It should have been so obvious to me.  I now have a better plan.  I feel so energized. (Workplace wellness client)
"I certainly feel mentally ready to start the week again after a long week of testing" (Peak performance athlete)


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