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ResilientMe has affiliate relationships with select, quality companies offering products that we love.  Enjoy shopping and special discounts!

Discount:  15%  Professional Supplements 

Wellevate by Emerson Ecologics is the leading supplement dispensary used by Naturopathic physicians and many holistic health practitioners.  We love it for the many high quality professional brands like Thorne and Pure Encapsulations.  Shipping is free for orders more than $49.    

Discount:  10%  Synergy Science

Synergy Science-hydrogen water generators, low EMF saunas, and EMF protection devices.  Molecular hydrogen is an anti-oxidant which upregulates pathways that in turn help to lower inflammation and improve mitochondrial function.  From very affordable hydrogen generating water bottles to larger under the counter applications, hydrogen water is more accessible than ever.  I purchased a 3 pack of the Echo Go (one for home, office and beach house) to boost my intake of anti-oxidants. Here are 2 interesting hydrogen studies: 

An H2-infused, nitric oxide-producing functional beverage as a neuroprotective agent for TBIs and concussions ( 

Effects of an H2-infused, Nitric Oxide-Producing Functional Beverage on Exercise and Cognitive Performance | The Journal of Science and Medicine (


I have always liked the idea of a portable sauna, but I thought this type was not up to snuff.  I own a different type of sauna and my eyes were opened when I measured the EMFs present.  The Synergy sauna is definitely on my list to replace my current sauna. 


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