" I felt great...focused and energized. I also slept well again last night" (Peak Performance athlete training) "It seems like my stamina, concentration and cognition are improving" (Concussion athlete)

The Resilient Athlete

Micro Current Neurofeedback (MCN) was tested by a world class brain imaging team at the UC San Diego Neuroradiology Lab.  A pilot study was conducted on subjects who suffered a traumatic brain injury (concussion).  The research team used sophisticated brain imaging known as magnetoencephalography (MEG) to document improvement in brainwave patterns after just 12 sessions of MCN. Improvements reported by study subjects included:  headaches, insomnia, anxiety, sensitivity to light and sound, smoking, memory, focus, concentration, feelings of frustration and stuttering.  More research is underway and is funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Athletes can use MCN in several ways:  During the season: 1) Physicians  and trainers can choose to add MCN to help their athletes achieve a healthier brainwave state after injury  or 2) to improve sleep, focus and concentration on and off the field. Post-season/Pre-season training So often what separates high performance athletes is the mental/emotional component. Brain training can be accomplished along with physical training for a complete approach.   Fine tune performance and build resilience with calm, focus, concentration and sleep benefits. Also address head injury issues that occurred prior to the training season.

Recently, ResilientMe has had the pleasure of working with the Penn AC High Performance Rowing Team who competed at the 2017 World Championships and training to be selected for the 2020 (now 2021) Olympics in Tokyo. They are coached by three-time Olympian and World Champion Oarsman M. Sean Hall.   Micro Current Neurofeedback sessions are conducted twice weekly in addition to the 20+ hours of physical training.  These highly successful and driven athletes are reporting results including improved focus and sleep, easing performance anxiety, reduced headaches and improved performance.  To learn more about, and support, these Olympic hopefuls click on the link:  http://pennac.org/programs/high-performance-group/

"It's usually par for the course to start getting stressed out. It's almost as if I don't have the capacity to feel stressed right now."

ResilientMe in Studio  Many of us don’t take enough time to manage stress, relax and restore.  We know that prolonged exposure to excessive stress takes a toll on our health. In essence, we can lack the resilience needed to perform optimally at home and/or on the job.


Building resilience with Micro Current Neurofeedback enables our clients to better manage their stress.  We often see benefits like improved focus, sleep and calm.  

Micro Current Neurofeedback can benefit children, as well.  Many parents are seeking to add holistic solutions to their child's ADD/ADHD treatment programs. The benefits of focus, calm and sleep help children to succeed. Being able to sit still for about 20 minutes is required.

We offer appointments in our Rumson studio located at 120 E. River Rd.   Contact us today to schedule an appointment at LEdwards@Resilient-Me.com

"These three [business] ideas that I had seemed disconnected but suddenly came together. It should have been so obvious to me. I now have a better plan. I feel so energized."

ResilientMe Workplace Wellness  With the pace of business moving at blinding speeds, it is no wonder executives are looking for an advantage to help them perform optimally. Relentless incoming stressors tax the brain, and without the ability to sufficiently recover, can lead to a state of “hypervigilance”.  This state can be protective and beneficial in the very short term, but harmful when sustained, leading to poor performance, both in personal and professional pursuits.  Many wisely engage in exercise and nutrition strategies to achieve optimal health but neglect to support the brain, the command and control center of the body.   One executive described the state as having a “Teflon shield” around him.  His demanding environment did not change, just the way he was able to manage situations and perform well with an increased clarity and ability to focus on the task at hand.

The effects build over time with repeated treatments, however; fortunately, the need for repeated sessions is not open ended.  Most individuals will benefit from 12-20 sessions.  Clients may see early improvement; however, to achieve sustained results, a full complement of sessions will need to be completed.  An occasional “booster” may be requested.


For those who think mindfulness and meditation is a good idea but don't have the time or ability to practice, MCN is a good idea.  We work with wellness program coordinators, human resources professionals and executive management (or just the 2 of you in a start-up) to bring this cutting edge technology to your worksite and design a program that meets your needs.

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IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback by Linda Edwards in Rumson, NJ